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August 31, 2007

Women Saints

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Born in early 16th century Meerabai belonged to the royal family of Mewar. She renounced the luxuries of royal life and became an ardent devotee of lord Krishna. Meera composed many devotional songs in praise of Lord Krishna which are sung to this day with great reverence throughout the country. She died at the feet of Lord Krishna of Dwaraka at the age of 67.


She was born in Paris. She was spiritually inclined and chose India as her permanent place of residence. On coming into contact with Sri. Aurobindo she decided to become his disciple. The mother worked towards universal harmony and peace. She became the spiritual head of the Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry. She breathed her last on 17-11-1973


She hailed from an orthodox Brahmin family of Kheora. She was married to Ramani Mohan Chakravarthy who later became her devotee. She did not have any formal education. From her very childhood she was spiritually inclined and she remained immersed in herself all the time. She travelled extensively preaching love, compassion and self discipline. She established Ashrams charitable institutions and hospitals everywhere. She breathed her last on 27th Aug. 1982.


Mother Theresa was born of Albanian parents in Yugoslavia. Her childhood name was Agnes. She came to India in 1929 to teach in St. Mary’s High School Calcutta. In 1950 she founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta to care for the ‘poorest of the poor’ sequel to the touch of a divine command she received. The Missionaries of Charity have since grown into a world wide order. Mother Theresa’s love and compassion for the distressed and the uncared for in society have earned for her universal esteem and reverence. She was the recipient of many awards including Nobel Peace Prize (1979) and Bharat Ratna (1980) She died in Calcutta on 5-09-1997.


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  1. What a wonderful idea for a blog. I’d like to offer you another resource on Mirabai That site at has a section dedicated to her life, her bhajans, teachings, and what others have said about her. Enjoy.

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